Flat Patisserie Box With Window (Qty: 200) (200 x 150 x 30mm)

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Introducing our Flat Patisserie Box with Window, available in packs of 200. This versatile box is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality, designed to showcase a variety of treats including biscuits, confectionery, and Christmas mince pies with grace and style. Featuring a large window that provides a tantalizing view of your delectable items, this box is designed to entice customers and guests. (Please note that these boxes are available in white and are crafted with a light claycoat finish to protect against grease, making them ideal for branding.)

Key Features:

Versatile Design: Our Flat Patisserie Box with Window is designed to accommodate a range of treats, including biscuits, confectionery, and festive mince pies. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any bakery or confectionery shop.

Elegant Presentation: With its sleek and minimalist design, this box offers an elegant presentation for your treats. The large window allows your items to take center stage, capturing the attention of those who see them.

Grease-Resistant: Crafted with a light claycoat finish, this box offers protection against grease, ensuring your box remains pristine while keeping your treats fresh.

Ideal for Branding: These boxes provide an excellent canvas for branding and customization. Add your logo or design to make them uniquely yours and enhance your brand's visibility.

Ample Size: With dimensions of 200 x 150 x 30mm, this box provides ample space for your treats, allowing them to be displayed and stored securely.

Elevate your treat presentation and create a memorable impression on your customers or guests with our Flat Patisserie Box with Window. The clear window adds an enticing element to your treats, making them irresistible.

Order now to enhance your packaging and showcase your treats in a way that's both elegant and practical. These boxes are perfect for those looking to create a lasting impression and promote their brand effectively.