Lunch Box Window Large Brown (195 x 140 x 65mm) (Qty: 200)

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Introducing our Lunch Box Window Large Brown, designed to enhance your food presentation and provide convenience for both you and your customers. These window lunch boxes are perfect for a variety of foods, including noodles, pasta, salad, sushi, and more.

Featuring a clear window on the top lid, these lunch boxes offer premium visibility for the delicious contents inside, allowing customers to see the appetizing food at a glance. This makes them ideal for showcasing your culinary creations and enticing customers with enticing visuals.

Preformed for easy in-store use, these lunch boxes streamline the packaging process, saving you time and effort. Additionally, their smooth surfaces provide the perfect canvas for branding, allowing you to customize them with your logo or label for a professional touch.

With dimensions of 195 x 140 x 65mm, these lunch boxes offer ample space for a satisfying meal while remaining portable and convenient. Choose our Lunch Box Window Large Brown for a practical and visually appealing packaging solution that elevates your food presentation and promotes your brand effectively.