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Welcome to Compost Connect -  The message is simple

The next page for Pronto Packaging has arrived, we are excited to announce we are now a part of the future in "Compost Connect" and beyond. We look forward to breaking through and helping small businesses make big changes for the generations to come.

Here's a short clip to explain how easy it is to start

Pronto Packaging has all the Eco Packaging required to help your business get started, send an email to sales@prontopackaging.com.au and let us know what information you require to become a champion like us!

Circular solutions

Compostable packaging is the ideal solution for the foodservice industry where food residues impact packaging’s recyclability in curbside recycling. Compostable packaging is a proven, cost-effective solution that enables the recovery and recycling of food and packaging waste generated by the food service industry, and leads to a cleaner recycling stream for conventional recyclable materials.

The challenge is building the necessary infrastructure and promoting the partnerships that will form the foundation of this industry. Only through the collaboration of industry and consumers can we transform compostable materials from a niche initiative to a core pillar of a circular and sustainable economy.

Compost Connect - Leave nothing to waste

We all know that compostable packaging is better for the planet than its conventional plastic counterpart. But what if your council does not offer an organic waste collection service in your area?  Enter the BioPak Compost Service, designed to close the loop on your packaging and food scraps.  More than just a cup recycling scheme, the BioPak Compost Service can divert up to 60% of your total waste from landfill, and collects compostable cups and lids, compostable packaging, food scraps and organic waste all in one bin — no separation required.  With our compostable packaging solutions available in Australia and New Zealand, and our compost collection service being rolled out across both nations, it's never been easier to move your business towards zero waste.

Change is in your hands. Pronto Packaging has been recognised as Champions - What is a champion? Distributors are awarded Compost Champion status when they have a substantial certified compostable packaging range and actively champion composting as the best solution for foodservice
Our experienced sustainability consultants can assist you on the journey towards a zero waste. We can provide support from planning and education to waste collection and disposal. 
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