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Printed Paper Bags

Our Custom Printed Paper Bags are offered in a large range of reusable and recyclable bags made from premium quality paper. These bags are an environmentally responsible alternative to the common plastic bags and an excellent tool to boost your business’ brand image. 


flat bags

Bags are very versatile and useful form for packaging both hot & cold foods. These can be printed in up to 3 colours and an array of sizes as well.

Our Lined Paper Bags are a perfect solution for those greasy fried foods that need extra resistance to grease and oil.  

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Sos Bags

Block Bottom paper bags are a great solution for customers to take their goods away with them, perfect for fast food restaurants, catering outlets and pet care stores. This type of paper packaging can be efficiently filled either manually or automatically due to their box-like base. 

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handle bags  

Custom printed paper bags with handles make excellent take out bags for restaurants and gift bags. They are an excellent ethical and environmentally friendly paper shopping bag.

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Window Bags


A diecut window on your bag is a great way to display what is inside. These are suitable for Bakery items as well as various dry foods including coffee beans and dried tea leaves. 

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